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Client: Medical Assured

Medical Assured was a brand I worked on to bring online, private medical services into everyone’s hands and homes.

For a small fee, you would be able to have a video consultation with a GP or a specialist to diagnose issues, get prescriptions or advice.

The client wanted a web app to work on all modern devices and be as simple and effiecient as possible.

Wireframes and sketches

for web app
Wireframes for Medical Assured


I started designing the web interface for the app with a simplistic approach. The wide demographic of users meant that the interface had to be simple to use, clear and precise. An icon approach and flat colours with a modern UI would ensure the user found it easy to use and navigate.

To enhance the UX, complex animations would drive each element to be presented to the user to increase the user experience. A great deal of jQuery and css were going to drive the interface. My experience with these technologies helps my designs as I know what can and can not be achieved.

Login screen design

Login screen for Medical Assured
Homepage for Medical web app

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