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Client: Love Saves The Day

Crowdfunding charity website.

I was briefed to develop a website for a charity that wanted to support multiple projects around the world. That was pretty much my brief!

My idea for the site was to be a crowdfunding charity website where users could donate money to a project of their choice. The projects would be entrepreneurial ones where people wanted to start a small business in a third world country but couldn’t get the loan or credit to start their business.

This way people could donate money and specify exactly the project they wanted to support. If enough people backed the project and the target was achieved, the money was transferred and the project could start. Think KickStarter but for charities.


There was a strong African connection, but it was certainly intended as a world-wide charity to primarily help women and children make a better life for themselves by funding their entrepreneurial projects.

My initial logo had a much simplified globe with a lower density of hearts. I was concerned about the traditional problems of printing the logo at small sizes. I soon realised that all the hearts that made up the logo could be part of the identity and could spread to other images and icons. A revised version soon went into great detail in the logo and subsequent branding.

Branding for Love Saves The Day


So the whole focus was around the projects and displaying them in a way that allowed exposure for popular, new or even projects struggling to get funded. There would be lots of filters available to allow users of the site a way to drill down to the project that they liked and wanted to support.

Wireframes of project pages

Love Saves Wireframe Love Saves Wireframe

UI Design of Homepage

Love Saves Homepage design
Love Saves project page design


Unfortunately after the idea was signed off, the designs finalised and the detail pages of getting donations to each project, the website was canned.

A shame. This was a project that I connected with and was very keen to get live.

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