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Client: Leave.EU

A new microsite and brand were needed for this political campaign.

The campaign was to highlight David Cameron’s “fudge up” of the UK’s EU future partnership. Real fudge was purchased from a local supplier and we needed a way to promote and sell the fudge online.

With a very tight deadline we opted for SquareSpace as our CMS for speed of deployment. This bought many problems with it, but I already had experience with SquareSpace so wire framing took account of it’s shortcomings. One major problem is that all SquareSpace templates look the same. It needed something graphical and fun to breakup the template monotony.

The brief called for a brand, website and social media.

Time to get illustrating...

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Brand & illustrations

My solution was a slice of inspiration from “The Great British Bakeoff” and Gary Barker’s political cartoons and a lot of my favourite marker pen style illustrating mixed with bold typography.

Politics are not my forté so this project took a lot of research, communicating with political experts to make sure the humour and angles to attack were correct.

A great, fun project to be involved in and I am extremely pleased with the results.

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