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Client: Debenhams Personal Finance

Car Insurance landing pages and quote journey.

Chosen to develop the Debenhams Car Insurance, Home insurance and Life Insurance solutions, my job was to design the landing pages, support pages and the quote journey.

Debenhams naturally had strict brand guidelines to adhere to and the quote journey was a fixed template.

Keeping the landing pages nice and simple kept the user journey short and to the point. All granular content was kept out of the way to allow the user to get straight to the call to action. Using a mobile-first approach the landing pages weren’t a great challenge. However the quote journey was.

Although the template was fixed, I coded a css overlay onto the template to completely change the layout, once again pushing extraneous information to the bottom and focusing completely on the user flow through the complex form. Maybe coding the css was a little beyond my brief, but it allowed me to stretch the design to make it much more modern and better for the user.

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Debenhams Car Insurance landing pages
Debenhams Car Insurance landing pages

Email design

Inconsistent media query support for emails led me to start designing all emails as mobile first. With this new constraint, I set about trying to grab people’s attention in their busy inbox by making the banner work as inviting as possible.

This part of the project was to create an email for Debenhams that would cross sell to their other customers who have already purchased an insurance product.

An animated GIF banner showing the Debenhams offer and a large call to action button will be the first thing the user sees.

Debenhams responsive email

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