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Lewis Miller.

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I am an experienced, creative, digital designer with a mad passion for UX.

With over seventeen years of studio experience, creating websites, graphics and branding for companies from London to Los Angeles, I maintain a healthy balance between functionality, usability and pure design. I believe every piece of work from a business card to a website deserves a huge amount of attention to detail and I strive to make every job as perfect as possible.

My experience spans a diverse range of sectors from service industries and retail through to insurance and politics. I have delivered projects from concept through production to final launch for clients ranging from LA fashion houses and celebrities to Debenhams and GoSkippy Insurance.

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Digital craftmanship

I love what I do. Design.



At my heart, I’m a thinker and problem solver. Design is a never-ending challenge that requires attention to detail. Mine is bordering on OCD.

Working as a graphical craftsman with my pencil, tablet and mouse, I always try to tell stories with my designs.

My ability to code websites allows me to quickly test ideas in a real environment and add in extra layers of detail into my design. An in–depth knowledge of css allows me to develop the UI and build in UX. I no longer jump straight into Photoshop to build websites or apps. That would mean missing out the crucial step of wireframes to build the site around the content, functionality and usability rather than the design leading the site.



Human-centred means putting people at the heart of what I design. What they want, what they need, and what they expect. Starting with these insights, I design site maps, user flows and wireframes that get progressively more refined as content, UI and UX are considered and developed.

Explaining my whole thought process to the client with justifications and reasoning allows me to progress to the last process. Graphical design is truly the last layer.


Disciplines and services

User experience design, interface design, web design, mobile design, motion & animation, branding and print design.


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Lewis Miller

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